Anna is hugely successful in her career and manages budgets of millions of pounds without any trouble. After many many years of “work hard play hard”, she had her “Carey Bradshaw moment”. She realised that she had been having the time of her life, she’d been on amazing holidays, had a wardrobe to die for and an even better shoe collection. However she was in debt, had no savings AT ALL and was quickly heading towards her mid 30s.

Solution – She followed the Miss Lolly rules and made a spreadsheet of what she owed and the interest rates she was paying. Being frugal became an obsession and after emailing Miss Lolly her budget planner, Miss Lolly suggested she attack her problem and pay off her debt in two years. A surprise work bonus and loads of hard work found Anna out of debt in 18 months and she is now working towards building up her cash buffer and a deposit for her first flat. Anna is plucking up the courage to ask her parents if they will contribute to her deposit too.

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