Following the death of her husband, Caroline felt very vulnerable financially and although she had a lump sum tucked away she never had the confidence to do anything other than keep it in the bank and keep her fingers crossed that nothing else went wrong. Sadly a year or so ago, her parents died within months of each other and as an only child she inherited from them. The inheritance actually made her panic and she felt she owed it to her parents to educate herself to see if she could be doing more and if in fact she could think about retiring comfortably. Her daughter had read the Miss Lolly New Year guide in Glamour magazine and recommended she took a look at the website and decided to get in touch.

Solution – Miss Lolly suggested she do a budget plan for now and also with retirement in mind. Already well into her 60s, Caroline was really assured to realise that she was “comfortable”. Having an expert confirm it was as if years of worry lifted from her shoulders. Miss Lolly suggested she seek independent advice and Caroline is now much more relaxed – she even went on a dream holiday this year with her daughter. She wishes she’d done something sooner.

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