There’s no running away from it… Getting your finances under firm control is a must if you’re going to enjoy the standard of living you want for yourself and your family, now and in the future. But money matters are forever changing, just like your financial priorities, which means you need constantly updated advice – and that’s what Miss Lolly’s here for.

Whether you need help with mortgages, investing, saving for a rainy day, or just tackling your financial fears, Miss Lolly will give you unbiased advice based on the very latest financial wisdom. No jargon, no lectures – just the vital stuff you need to know, in user-friendly language.

Miss Lolly is written for women by a highly qualified female financial adviser who has shared her money wisdom in a variety of glossy magazines including Glamour, Prima and Mother & Baby. You can contact Miss Lolly with any financial issues on your mind and she will get an answer up on the site or blog as soon as possible. Please return the favour by following Miss Lolly on Twitter, liking her on Facebook and most importantly telling all your friends!


the good web guide 2015


Miss Lolly is proud to have been shortlisted for The Good Web Guide Awards 2015!