Almost time to put your feet up and enjoy life? Getting organised can help reduce the inevitable stress that comes with retiring. Contact the DWP and request a BR19 form (just google it) to get your state pension information and then use the downloads to know what questions to ask of your pension providers. Whilst you are waiting for a response from the pension companies, use the budget planner to accurately work out what you will need each month to live the retirement you have always dreamt of.

Death of A Partner

Money usually gets left to the bottom of the pile during this tragic time. If you don’t feel capable of getting on top of your finances on your own rope in a friend or relative that you trust to give you a hand. If you are not sure where to turn just email Miss Lolly. She is an expert at these things. Sign up for the free downloads that will help you to understand what you need to do when, who you need to tell and there’s also a handy budget planner so you are in control.

Birth of A Child

Congratulations on your new arrival. The scary thing is that you are now officially an adult!! Eekkk! It really is time to get your head around everything financial and to start to arrange your safety net. Don’t delay and download the tools to prepare your to do list, your family budget planner and much more…..


The prospect of getting divorced is undoubtedly a really stressful process and time of your life. To help you to get to grips with the financial side in preparation for when you see your solicitor and financial adviser, I have create a few downloads so that you:

  1. have an idea what income you are going to need after your divorce
  2. you have all the information in one place regarding your assets and liabilities
  3. have sample letters to send to your pension providers to get the basic information your financial adviser will need
  4. finally have a check list of who to tell that you have separated

As with anything on, if there is anything that you would find useful that is not here, please get in touch.


Tying the knot inevitably leads to lots of things on your to do list from changing your name to sorting out your joint expenses and whose is paying for what. It is also an opportune time to form a financial plan for yours and your new partner’s exciting new life together. Let Miss Lolly help you and download the free guides.

New Job

Congratulations on your new job! This is an ideal time to get on top of things/rejig what you already have done to organise your finances. You need to make sure you have a good understanding of your new benefits and that there is not now a whole in your financial planning i.e. retirement planning and insurances. Download your free check list, budget planner and financial summary to organise your money.


Budgeting really is the key to having strong financial foundations. No matter whether you are on minimum wage or taking home a seven figure bonus cheque, you need to make sure you know what is coming in and out at all times. Use the Miss Lolly budgeting spreadsheet to get organised. Don’t forget though…it needs updating at least every 6 months as things change. All you need to get on top of your income and outgoings is in this download.

“Miss Lolly, I have to say you really are the cleverest, inventive, thinking outside the box Financial Adviser I have ever met and from someone who has worked in the industry for 35 years that is saying a lot.” .