Dear Rosslyn,

You are right that this is the opposite of what most people say to me. However there might be two things to overcome. The emotional side of things I am not able to help with – perhaps you should speak to your doctor? The financial side of things I can help you with. If you have been frugal for over 30 years it is likely that you are in a better situation that most. Things you can do by yourself:

  • Make sure you are using your ISA allowance each year
  • That you are shopping around for the best rates
  • If you have a pension, make sure you are in a good performing fund that suits you

Perhaps you are best to arrange a free consultation with an independent financial adviser who will be able to get things in to perspective for you. Here are some tips to help you decide who to choose:

– look at

– don’t just see one. Meet a few, you are hopefully going to have to meet this person at least annually so you need to make sure they get you and you like them

– make sure they are independent

– understand their charges

– find out about their qualifications and experience