With Christmas around the corner, so is the 5 week between paydays at the end of Jan. It can often feel like the positivity of Christmas is served with a cold side order of negativity to welcome in the New Year. Before you get carried away this Christmas, here are a few ideas to keep you on track:

  1. If you can’t be organised to take lunch in everyday into work, buy breakfast at the beginning of the week to avoid temptation.Eating breakfast is on the rise (up 16% in London) and we are currently spending £76m as a nation each day!
  2. Sign up for https://www.reeclaim.co.uk/.  I do a podcast weekly with Molly Benjamin called She’s On The Money and last week I learnt about this website. It claims back a refund for you for trains that are delayed or if you forget to tap out  (I am afraid this one is London only) and so far the website has claimed more than £416,000 back for its users. As someone who commutes 4 days per week, they estimate that I could get back nearly £80per year. It only took two minutes to sign up too.
  3. Switch energy providers. This would save the average person £221 per year. I have signed up for money saving experts automatic alerts. It alerts me to energy deals that would save me money. I have set the alerts if the deal would save me more than £50 per year but you can set it lower than this if you are extra motivated. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/cheapenergyclub
  4. Is a therapeutic spring clean in order? Getting selling unused items on eBay and the like. Not only will this help your bank balance but it will also help you to be clutter free.
  5. We are wasting £150 per year each on subscriptions. So bring up the direct debits and standing orders on each of your bank accounts to make sure that you actually do use each and every one of them. If not cancel (if you can do without penalty).
  6. Recycle old mobile phones. I took my smashed iPhone into Carphone Warehouse and got £70 back! Amazing!

So do what you can today to make sure that January is as financially ordered as possible. As always let me know your success stories.

Lots of Love

Miss Lolly xx