So it’s that time of year again and I am afraid I get really carried away and excited over resolutions – especially financial ones.

This year I have decided on a scary thing!! I am going to cut back my splurge budget and commit more to medium and long term investments. Perhaps I am having another growing up spurt!!

So what will your financial resolution be? Get paid more so you can save more? Clear the debt for once and for all? Be mortgage free? Or perhaps it’s just to be brave to take the first steps.

I have already had so many new people getting in touch to book appointments and here are a few questions that I will be asking them so that we can work out their financial goals.

  1. Think of one or two financial mile stones that you want to work towards. Retirement? Moving up the property ladder? Affording school fees? Etc.
  2. For each goal, when do you want to achieve it by and how much do you need?
  3. Work backwards to then work out what you need to start doing from your next payday to achieve it.

If you struggle to know the numbers behind your goals, speak to an independent mortgage expert or an independent financial adviser. I know that for me this is my favourite part of the job!!

I would love to hear what you decide to commit to.

Lots of Love

Miss Lolly xx