In 1917 George V sent a card to every centenarian in Britain. He sent 24. In 2016 the Queen sent 6000. In 2050 it is estimated a future monarch will send 56,000!

So will you get one?

If so you really need to make sure that you have your financial socks pulled up! Someone who lives until 100 is likely to not be working during their life for as long as they are earning. This means that you will need a HUGE amount of money to fund most lifestyles for this long. Here are a few quick tips that you can do today to get an understanding if you are on track:

  1. Order a state pension projection. Doing a BR19 will help you to understand if you have holes in your National Insurance record and how much longer you need to work to get a full state pension.
  2. Use a pension calculator to work out what you are on track to accumulate and what this will mean in your pocket.
  3. How are your pension funds performing against their peers? Call up your pension providers and ask them which funds you are currently invested in. Ask them too to send you a brochure that will show you all the different investments that you can pick from too. Use a website such as to see how they are performing.
  4. Work out what you can cut back on to boost your savings.

Let me know what you find out and how you tackle your retirement.

Lots of Love

Miss Lolly xx